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06-Dec-2017 21:19

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Many Bow Manufacturers would actually stamp the draw weight on the riser where the arrow plate would cover it.

I know the MAMBA was a 58" bow but if I remember correctly, some years were made in 60".

Ray--------------------A hunt based only on trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be . Fred Bear Post a pic of the SN on Collecting, the first part is the year and last is the number made that year. Earlier Howatts (prior to '65) had serial numbers with the first digit denoting which bowyer made the bow.

To pin down exact year, pics or detail descriptions are needed, but the curved stripe is a good clue.--------------------Lon Scott Thanks Black Hawk.

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I would venture to say that the "58" is the draw weight. Serial# is HH 0194 it's 55# @28" I have yet on any posts seen a Damon Howatt with a serial# this low.

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