Entrenous gay dating vancouver who michael angarano dating

20-Oct-2017 18:24

guys who have a good life and are interesed in fun times together.

guys that are into a health life style.including eating healthy and making healthy personal choices. About Me: My gruff no nonsense personality reminds some guys of an old fashion high school or college coach if that appeals to you get back to me.

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And it’s not just our matchmaking that’s intelligent! Our magazine has tons of great dating advice to help you find the perfect partner.

I don't live in Ladner anymore, I can't seem to change my name on here. About Me: I'm an ex-competitive gymnast and trampolinist.

Also, if you ski or snowboard hit me up, I'm always down to show you how it's done ; D I'm big on travel as well, and do so frequently, so theres always a chance I'll be in your city soon : P Currently in Culinary school after university. About Guys I Want To Meet: I want someone who wants to DO things!

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