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"It's like that old phrase: The darkest hour is always before the dawn." Can the sun rise now, please?at the end of Season 10, fans thought it would be the last they saw of Dr. As the heavily-publicized 300th episode will reveal, though, that wasn’t quite the end of it.Following the plane crash — which brought on the deaths of Mark (Eric Dane) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and the amputation of Arizona's (Jessica Capshaw) leg — "I think the writers felt the audience needed a break, so Episode 4 is really fun," Mc Kidd tells They may still love each other, but there might just be too much hurt going on."All my other episodes have been quite intense, so it's been really fun to break out of that. There might just be too much baggage to really be able to heal or rebuild.During her exit episode, Cristina visited her ex-fiancé Preston Burke's hospital in Zurich, Switzerland.While there, Preston (Isaiah Washington) offered her a job as head of the hospital so he could instead spend more time with his family."They were such a complex couple and really loved each other and were passionate. That shouldn’t be what’s going on.'" Though Sandra has no plans to return to at this time, fans of the long-running series will get a sweet surprise for the medical drama’s 300th episode. If you remember, Meredith's BFF left after the show's 10th season in May 2014.

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Some of it is funny and some of it is very real—watching someone try to keep up at work and the friction that causes.

In a new interview, Kevin Mc Kidd (Owen Hunt) revealed he'd love for Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) to return to the hit medical drama in the future - and Sandra has admitted she might come back, too. I think it would be so much fun,” Kevin told .“It would open up so much again in the story and mix everything up.