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Saturday Our 4-Hour Introductory Rear Attack Workshop develops the foundation for fighting full force in an adrenaline state.

The workshop creates the mindset for fighting and overcoming inhibitions about realistic self-protection The Introductory Rear Attack Workshop is the first part of our Self Defense Training Class Weekend and concludes at lunch break.

This is just one of the many empowering factors designed within our Basic self defense course.

Knowing how to fight is a critical aspect of self-protection.

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The event was very organized and the tables were already set up when we got there.

The number of volunteers present was pretty impressive.

Learn Self Defense in a Weekend through Martial Science We researched thousands of crimes against women, and we also apply proven teaching methodologies that allow students to learn how to protect themselves as we train the mind-body-spirit to respond effectively if assaulted.

This is NOT a martial arts course but instead addresses the dynamics of assaults against women and the specific needs when training women to effectively defend themselves.Amber asks Danny what's wrong to which he replies with "work".

Byron was a cast member on Myth Busters from Season 1 until Season 12.… continue reading »

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