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18-Oct-2017 09:07

She has to watch what she wears, ensuring that she complies with what is considered “modest” in the Pashtun culture, even if she doesn’t necessarily wear a (a cloth that Pashtun women wear to cover themselves).

Finally, she refrains from making jokes, especially with fellow male colleagues for fear that it may pave the way for sexual harassment, or worse.

Hence, the only way change can happen is through education and awareness.

Those Pashtuns, who strongly oppose women working in the media, need to understand that just because a woman has chosen media as her field of work doesn’t mean that she is a “I do feel that my work has empowered me.

The female Pashtun journalist I interviewed further informed me that women have to work twice as hard to be accepted in the media field.

And once they are accepted, instead of being praised, they are often regarded with cynicism, for there is a widely held view that if a woman is good at her job she is the only rational explanation of her success.

With time, I am hoping that more Pashtun women will attain the courage to pursue their dreams, regardless of what others perceive of them.

Thus, to see a woman in the media is more than often perceived as alien and confounding, because it is something that they have never seen before.

Some Pashtun men are conditioned with the belief that a woman should be covered at all times; that no man should ever see her and that her only purpose in life is to cook, clean and bear kids.

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Spanish The corresponding list for female nationalities was also shared: 1. Moreover, she adds that some women even go as far as changing their names, in order to ensure their safety and continue working in the media.