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2) Taking up part of the previos point, if you wish to take some information from my guide, then make it reasonable... Nonetheless, give credit where it's due; golden rule of Game

I don't mind if I'm not told, as long as I'm given credit for what I did to contribute. It might be a coincidence, it might be plagiarize, who knows, but I'll contact the other author and find what's going on.

The only known vampiric NPCs that this list is missing are the ones contained in the 1st-Edition Storyteller Screen released in 1991, and the original Book of Madness released in 1994. If different books had different information listed for the same vampire, the most recently published took precedence (assuming it took place at a later in-game date).

Some statistics have been rearranged or combined to fit with Revised rules.

Permission, Posting, etc.: 1) First and foremost, I am NOT allowing other sites to post my works. If I allowed this to be on display in your site, it must be free. You are free to download this and store it on your computer.

The only sites that are allowed to host this is Game, and on the rare occasion Game Spot, but that's since they, and only they can directly link to the former site. Do not go around distributing this asking for money either. No problem with that, just be careful with the format unless you want to have trouble reading.

Version 1.1 The Sims 2 (GBA Version) This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright of Alan Quirino (grayfox2510 (at) gmail (dot) com). Ownership, Borrowing Info, Contributing, etc.: 1) Please do not take any of this without my consent or at the very least, without a written gratitude in wherever you posted this.

I had to spend quite some time getting all there is to this, or at least as close as possible, and well, if you have written any document of this kind and someone took something without gratitude then you must know it sucks...

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Miscellaneous Game Mechanics Video Game Championships In Other Games Virtual Console Special Edition Consoles Pokmon 3DS Themes Smartphone & Tablet Apps amiibo General Information Manga Dex Character BIOs Detailed BIOs Chapter Guides Volume Guides RBG Series Yellow Series GSC Series RS Series FRLG Series Emerald Series DP Series Platinum Series HGSS Series BW Series B2W2 Series XY Series ORAS Series SM Series The Origin of Mewtwo Mewtwo Strikes Back The Power of One Spell Of The Unown Mewtwo Returns Celebi: Voice of the Forest Pokmon Heroes Jirachi - Wish Maker Destiny Deoxys! 3) So, you notice a similarity between my guide and a piece of someone's else but it looks out of place? Thank you for the support if you do notice this by the way.4) I try, but perhaps my efforts alone are not enough and thus I end up missing something here or there.If you wish for me to put you under a special name, include so.

I normally also include e-mails just for reference, but if you want otherwise, then please let me know.

If you evolve a Pokmon at a level when the evolution would learn the move which is also a Level 1 Move, and it has an Evolution Move, then the Pokmon won't learn the standard move.

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Perhaps that’s what happens when big screen ambitions meet small screen realities, but I just can’t bring myself to invest in the series. They’re taking up schedule space, but they lack the enduring longevity and inherent legacy of the literature that birthed them.… continue reading »

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