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12-Aug-2017 07:00

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5 after tracing evidence back to Jane Doe 1, Jane Doe 3 and Jane Doe 4.

He admitted to talking to over 100 underage girls on the internet, court documents state.

The girl believed Salgat was a 15-year-old girl, and sent nude images to Salgat after he sent explicit photos of another girl to her.

In early July, Jane Doe 4 agreed to leave a pair of her underwear at a lake on Fort Eustis, which Salgat admitted he kept for about a week before trying to give them to Jane Doe 2, court records state.

Two friends responded and sent photos back to Salgat, court records state.

One of the children who sent photos, 14-year-old Jane Doe 3, believed she was reconnecting with a past friend, Jane Doe 1, court records state.

Salgat hacked into the girls’ social media accounts, blackmailed them and live video chatted with them to obtain the photos and videos, court records show.

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Police found the underwear and placed it into evidence at the police department.Prosecutors and lawmakers hope the changes, which align Colorado’s laws with federal ones, will augment the tools available to battle the problem and that offenses that before fell under the category of pimping, pandering or prostitution can now be considered more serious trafficking felonies with more stringent penalties.Activists have lauded the new laws as a major — and necessary — step forward in the state’s battle against trafficking.According to the statement of facts: “These girls believed that they were talking to someone their own age.

He would provide them with one of their friend’s names and say that person gave him her name.

In May, Jane Doe 3 sent several sexually explicit images to Salgat over Instagram.

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